FUELHOSS® was built upon a passion to change the fuel container industry by creating an innovative design to benefit everyone from distributor, to retailer, to consumer.

We are leading the way in creating a quality product while reducing the carbon footprint for a better world.  Our extensive background of 20+ years in retail, distribution, and home improvement led us to create this advanced fuel container.  By identifying industry issues, we have created unique solutions to make the FUELHOSS® portable fuel container experience easy for everyone.

With CARB (California Air Regulation Board) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requirements, it was imperative for FUELHOSS® to not only meet these regulations, but to exceed them.  A 4-point spill prevention, electromagnetic welding technique and permeability resistance barrier Nylon material, make our eco-friendly portable fuel container cutting edge.

Distribution is improved by the ability to nest containers due to their patent design, resulting in a 50%-60% reduction in shipping costs (ex: fuel, trucks on the road, etc.).

Merchandising benefits of on-shelf space savings and off-shelf strategy are also improved due to their patent design. 

Consumer satisfaction is achieved by offering an easy-to-use, ergonomically designed can with multiple safety features for a great value.

Made in the U.S.A

FUELHOSS® – The SMARTER way to refuel